Pop diva Insooni named the “Female Culture Icon of the Year”
Pop diva Insooni named the “Female Culture Icon of the Year”
  • Park Gil-ja Women News reporter / Trans by Nam Won
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Pop artist Kim Mari, awarded the “ChungKang Culture Award”
Awards ceremony at the Seoul Convention (3pm, October 31st)


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ⓒ Women News DB


On the 17th, the judging committee of the “Female Culture Icon of the Year” announced Insooni as this year’s recipient, citing her “contribution to the advancement of popular music and initiative for sharing the fruit of her success with others.” “After overcoming difficulties and channeling her passion and energy to achieve her dream, Insooni has become a role model exemplifying a new type of leadership in pop culture,” said the judging committee. The awardee will receive a ministerial citation by the Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister and a prize of 5 million won.


Insooni is South Korea's acclaimed Pop and R&B diva who recorded 18 full length albums since her debut 35 years ago. In the title track of the 18th album released this year called “Beautiful Girl,” Insooni encourages women who have lost their dreams and hope to regain confidence and move forward.


The “Female Cultural Artist Supporter Award” was given to Homeplus e-Paran Foundation (Chief Director of the foundation: Lee Seung-han) which has launched a nation-wide culture and arts program for the underprivileged children. Established in 2009, e-Paran Foundation first offered culture and arts classes for children in 2001. Since then, the Foundation has introduced its culture and arts education program to the Community Children Centers across the nation and carried out various cultural events and activities for the underprivileged children. The awardee will receive a ministerial citation by Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister.


“ChungKang Culture Award” which recognizes an artist whose creative work contributed to the advancement of the culture industry was given to pop artist Kim Mari who is known for her pop art works that feature images of women. Through her unique interpretation of the stereotypical image of women in the media, Kim Mari recreated distinctive images of women, which often appear in stationery or shoes that are popular among the younger generation. She will receive an award and a prize of 5 million won.


The “Rising Female Star Award” given to a promising figure in the culture and arts circle was awarded to Conductor Kim Eun Sun who was the first female conductor to lead the Madrid Symphony Orchestra in 160 years. She also led the orchestra in the English National Opera’s new production of “Die Fledermaus.” Other awardees include Korean classical musician Kim Hyo-young who is a reed instrument performer and composer, Creative Director Shinbaram who is the youngest female producer in the creative drama field, Photographer Lee Anna whose prominent themes are war and female, and curator Tak Hyesung who planned exhibitions for female artists with the gender theme and focused on boosting overseas exchanges. All awardees will receive the “Women’s News Award” and a prize of 1 million won.


Named after the former CEO of Imsung Corporation, the “Special Eul-Ju Award for Culture & Arts” was given to Happy Factory which has launched various healing programs incorporating arts and culture for the immigrant workers, North Korean refugee adolescents, prisoners, and military wives. The awardee will receive an award and a prize of 3 million won.


This year, the finalists were selected after the judging committee reviewed the candidates recommended by the local governments, cultural institutions, public organizations, and the general public. Previous winners of the “Female Icon of the Year” include Film director Lim Soon-rye, playwright and director Chu Minju, Music Director Park Garrin, CEO Shim Jaemyung, and PD Suh Soomin.


The awards ceremony for the “2013 Female Icon of the Year,” which is hosted by Women & Culture in Network, organized by Women’s News, and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, will be held at the Seoul Convention in Samsung-dong, Seoul at 3 pm on the 31st.

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